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ERISA Disability Attorney in St. Louis, Missouri

If you have suffered a sudden illness or injury, you may be suffering, not only physically and emotionally, but financially, too. During this incredibly difficult time, you expect to receive employer-provided disability to substitute your income. Unfortunately, obtaining benefits under ERISA is not a simple process, nor is it one you should attempt to navigate alone. Let us take some of the weight off your shoulders and lead you forward. Schedule a free consultation with our attorney at Shook & Johnson PLLC in St. Louis today to get started.

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Jonathan E. Shook

Jonathan E. Shook

Attorney at Law

Jonathan E. Shook handled his first employment law case in 1999 and has been focused on representing the rights and best interests of employees ever since. His dedication to advocacy, attention to detail, and collaborative approach make him an exceptional legal partner for his clients and a formidable adversary for greedy insurance giants. If it feels as though you've exhausted your options in seeking disability benefits, Attorney Shook is here to show you that the fight is not over. When your financial well-being is at stake, turn to the legal professional who has successfully gone to bat against several major insurance providers. Turn to Jonathan E. Shook.


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From Explaining What ERISA Is & How it Works

The Employee Retirement Income Security Act was implemented in 1974 to protect employees and their contractual benefits. If your employer offers group disability insurance, it is likely governed by ERISA. While it may seem that this act would simplify the process of receiving benefits after an injury or illness, that is often not the case. Applying for and receiving benefits under ERISA is complex, and many individuals find themselves with denied claims.

To Fighting On Your Behalf if Your Claim is Denied

Whether you're just starting the process of pursuing disability benefits or your claim has been denied by the insurance company, we're here to help. Our attorney has been handling ERISA disability claims for more than two decades, and he is prepared to put his extensive experience to work for you. Schedule a free consultation with our firm in St. Louis today to discuss your case. Together, we'll strive to secure the benefits you need to get back on your feet.

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Don't Let Insurance Companies Keep You From Getting Adequate Support

Insurance companies operate under the guise of helping others, but in actuality, they are truly only looking out for themselves. If you're going up against an insurance giant in your fight for ERISA disability benefits, put an advocate on your side who will protect your best interests. At Shook & Johnson PLLC, our attorney has decades of experience fighting for employees and he is not afraid to go to bat for you.

Our guidance spans the entirety of the disability benefits process, and we're prepared to step in and advise no matter what stage you're currently in. We'll be here to help you understand ERISA and your specific disability policies, prepare and file a claim, appeal a claim denial, and take litigation action should you need to recover benefits.

You should not attempt to handle your ERISA disability benefits claim on your own—not only because it can be a frustrating task, but because unrepresented claimants risk making mistakes that might cause potentially irreversible damage. If you want to put yourself in the best possible position to secure the financial support you need and deserve, put a qualified legal professional on your side from the start.

If you are ready to take action after an injury or illness leaves you unable to work, schedule a free initial consultation with our attorney in St. Louis, Missouri, today. We proudly represent employees in the surrounding areas, including Clayton, Maryland Heights, Ferguson, Kansas City, Springfield, Columbia, and Joplin.