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Firm Overview

Shook & Johnson PLLC provides experienced representation to clients with ERISA-governed claims for short- and long-term disability benefits. We understand how financially devastating a sudden illness or disability can be, and that obtaining and ensuring the continued receipt of disability benefits is critically important to your well-being. However, we also know that obtaining and keeping benefits can be very difficult. Our firm provides assistance to clients with employer-provided short- and long-term disability insurance.

What We Do

We offer experienced guidance, including:

  • Explaining what ERISA is and how it works;

  • Explaining your short- and long-term disability policies;

  • Preparing and filing claims for benefits;

  • Appealing claim denials or benefit terminations; and

  • Litigating to recover short- and long-term disability benefits.

Our firm is committed to providing you exceptional representation. Generally, we provide representation for claimants during the time they exhaust their administrative remedies, i.e., appeal directly to the insurance company over a claim denial or benefit termination. And if a lawsuit becomes necessary, we have years of ERISA litigation experience in federal court. We’ll work hard to secure an appropriate settlement for you during the course of the lawsuit or try the case to the Court when necessary

We have helped disability claimants against Aetna, MetLife, UNUM, Hartford, Prudential, CIGNA, Life Insurance Company of North America, Liberty Mutual, Standard Insurance, Sedgwick, Union Security, American United Life, Principal Financial, Jefferson Pilot, Lincoln National, and Symetra Life.

For your free, no-obligation, initial consultation, please contact us to speak with us about your short-term or long-term disability claim. We will be happy to talk with you and evaluate your claim.